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Pharmaceutical Glass

Pharmaceutical glass for storing vaccines

The field of vaccines is an area of great concern to society. This is mainly because it involves people's lives and health, public health safety and national security. As an essential medicine, vaccines are mass-produced. Stable storage is necessary for vaccine transportation. Glass packaging is the preferred method of storage for sensitive drugs such as vaccines. Glass poses as a hindrance to atmospheric gases, such as carbon dioxide and oxygen, from entering the primary container, mitigating the risk of contamination of the drugs. Glass packaging lowers the drug's susceptibility to degradation, such as hydrolysis and oxidation. Moreover, glass packaging helps in resisting the escape of volatile ingredients, thereby increasing the drug stability.

Pharmaceutical glass for storing vaccines

A large number of drugs are packaged in glass containers. Glass containers can be broadly classified into four types. They include, Type I glass containers (borosilicate glass/neutral glass), Type II glass containers (soda-lime-silica glass/ treated soda-lime glass/ de alkalized soda lime glass), Type III glass containers (regular soda lime glass) and Type IV glass containers (type NP glass/general-purpose soda lime glass). In general, glass containers used for vaccines are Type I glass containers. This type of glass container contains 80% of silica, 10% of boric oxide, and small amount of both sodium oxide and aluminum oxide. It is chemically inert and possess high hydrolytic resistant due to the presence of boric oxide. It has the lowest coefficient of expansion and so has high thermal shock properties.

Advantages of preserving vaccines with pharmaceutical glass

The use of pharmaceutical glass to preserve vaccines has many advantages. The main advantages are listed below.

Process of forming pharmaceutical glass

Process of forming pharmaceutical glass

The pharmaceutical glass we offer is made by the following methods.

The pharmaceutical glass

What we offer

Alfa Chemistry has the ability to provide pharmaceutical glass to companies that study vaccines. The pharmaceutical glass we offer is mainly as follows.

Our products and services are for research use only and cannot be used for any clinical purposes.

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