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mRNA Vaccine Development

mRNA Vaccine Development

Messenger ribonucleic acid (mRNA)-based drugs, notably mRNA vaccines, have been widely proven as a promising treatment strategy in immune therapeutics. The extraordinary advantages associated with mRNA vaccines, including their high efficacy, a relatively low severity of side effects, and low attainment costs, have enabled them to become prevalent in pre-clinical and clinical trials against various infectious diseases and cancers. Development of methods that enable rapid, simple, largescale, and inexpensive production of high-quality mRNA is a critical requirement for the future implementation of mRNA vaccines.

Pioneering steps and milestones in the development of mRNA-based vaccinesFigure 1. Pioneering steps and milestones in the development of mRNA-based vaccines [1]

Advantages of mRNA vaccines

mRNA vaccines have demonstrated numerous advantages, which are mainly listed as follows.

  • mRNA vaccines can express target proteins more efficiently because of their expression in the cytoplasm without entering the nucleus.
  • As a non-infectious or non-integrating platform, mRNA vaccines usually do not bear the potential risk of infection or insertional mutagenesis.
  • mRNA vaccines can be produced rapidly, possibly within days of obtaining gene sequence information, using completely synthetic manufacturing processes.
  • mRNA can theoretically meet all genetic information requirements to encode and express all kinds of proteins. Vaccine developing efficiency can be optimized by modifying mRNA sequence.
  • mRNA is only transiently active, making it easy to be completely decomposed via physiological metabolic pathways; therefore, it would not act as a burden to the host homeostasis.

What we offer

mRNA vaccines have been shown to induce strong and potent humoral and T cell responses against several infectious disease targets including SARS-COV-2 cytomegalovirus, influenza virus and zika virus. As a specialist in the vaccine industry, Alfa Chemistry offers mRNA vaccine development solutions for the following infectious diseases.


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